I will support you to understand where you are, recognise where you want to be and empower you to get there. I look forward to giving you the space and time to share your story and encourage you to take the potential steps to reach your goals.


Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a holistic healing technique that has been proven to effectively resolve a range of issues.

Tap & Talk

In this session I will combine the stress reducing benefits of Tapping while you discuss the issues that are causing you stress/discomfort in your life.

Parenting/Behavioural Support

I will gain an understanding of what the issues are and provide support and strategies based on your individual family circumstances to make a change in your life.

Professional Supervision

Is a positive process that provides the opportunity for reflection and learning and offers a chance to discuss issues impacting on your work.

NDIS Support

In this appointment I will empower you to develop a better understanding of you or your childs NDIS plan in order for you to realise its full potential.