As a Social Worker with over 25 years of experience, one question that I was asked about half-way through my career was “Why did you want to become a social worker?” The simple answer to that was “I want to help people”. 

The majority of, my career has seen me working with children, families and individuals in various roles.  Most of my work has been on an individual one to one basis. My passion through my career has been to support people, listen to them and guide them through life’s difficult times.  I say difficult times because most people don’t come looking for a social worker if their life is going the way they wanted and expected.

Starting with where the person is at and respecting their story past, present and future and empowering people to continue forward on their own with confidence, are the skills I most value of myself.

Over 10 years ago I completed my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as I also love to impart my knowledge and teach people new things. The Certificate gave me the skills I needed to continue doing this in a structured manner. Over the years I trained & supported a variety of professionals, individuals and colleagues on many topics.  The joy of collaborating with an organisation/team to create a supported environment of growth and learning, brings me great satisfaction and joy.


The aim of starting ElevatedU was to continue to support people in a way that starts with where the person is at in my own business.  I have 3 beautiful children and like the flexibility and challenge that owning your own business provides.

As a mother I understand the many joys and challenges that face parents on a regular basis.  As a professional having spent much of my career working with families and specifically those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, I bring to our relationship an understanding of this disability and the complex interplay between the an ASD diagnosis and the NDIS. Having spent four years as a support coordinator in a small boutique service I understand the NDIS and know how to support families through this process.



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